Greetings from the Mind Buzz team

In this site, after a workshop, students can complete lessons, quizzes, and challenges all within this gated community. Only campers are allowed in and that is to ensure safety of our children and also to promote community and connection.

There are two sections to this site. There is the adults part where you can take courses of your own designed to get you up to speed with Minecraft and technology. Then there is the kids section where all the courses and other cool things lie. Parents cannot access this area but you can view reports and other data on your own children to see how they are going.

We believe this a safe community but its up to you to keep an eye on your kids, monitor them and what they are doing and please do let us know if anything doesn’t look or feel right.

Main features

  • Safe Minecraft server
  • Multiple Minecraft Worlds
  • Access to all courses & challenges
  • In server rewards
  • Achievement badges
  • Community of friends
  • Digital Downloads of workbooks
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