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Game Mode


Admins have access to Game Mode. These are not ever to be used for personal gain. That is known as corruption or fraud and in the real world people go to jail for that. You are to use Game Mode only to sort out problems and allow you to get around the server easier. You are not to build anything for yourself in GameMode and you are not to help others build in game mode either. You may fix griefed builds in gamemode. Other players are not to see you working in GameMode as it’s very unfair. The servers number one rule is EFFORT and using GameMode while others are working hard is certainly not congruent with that rule.

/gm c game mode creative
/gm 0 game mode survival
/gm 1 game mode creative
/gm 2 game mode adventure
/gm 3 game mode spectator – useful for searching underground. 
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