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Naughty mode


Once a player is put in the naughty game mode, he CANNOT:

  • chat (including /msg, /r, /yell, etc)
  • break blocks,
  • place blocks,
  • write a book
  • write a sign

In naughty mode players just quietly roam around in a kind of spectator mode so that s/he won’t bother other players. The naughty mode is time-based gamemode. It will automatically expire.


This is the preferred punishment on the server. Its better than kicking or banning as its less traumatic for the player. It gives them a chance to reflect on their behaviour because they cannot do anything 


/naughty list : lists the name of players who are currently in the naughty gamemode.

/naughty add <player> [seconds] : puts <player> in the naughty gamemode for [seconds], If [seconds] is not specified, the default duration will be used.

/naughty remove <player> : removes <player> from the naughty list.