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Our ticket plugin designed to reward Staff members who deal with more tickets. This unique plugin helps staff track player submitted issues and lets us get to players in a timely fashion to address their issues. Usage of the plugin goes like this:

  1. Player files a help ticket.
  2. Staff Member picks the ticket.
  3. Staff Member helps Player.
  4. Staff Member or Player marks the ticket as done.
  5. Staff Member gets a point in the weekly high score.
  6. Staff Member gets weekly achievements.


You have to sign is as working to see the tickets: /t w (for working) then you can see the tickets to help out. 

Ticket commands for mods:

/ticket l,list [page=1] list the tickets

/ticket s,show [player=you] show a ticket

/ticket c,create <message> create a new ticket
/ticket d,done [player=you] mark a ticket as done

/ticket p,pick <player> pick a ticket

/ticket y,yield <player> yield a ticket

/ticket hs,highscore [week=now] [year=now] show highscore
/ticket m,modlist list working moderators
/ticket w,working set if you are working

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