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What does a mod do?


A moderators job is to support the coaches in helping out players and to maintain the peace on the server. A moderator makes sure that people are following the rules of the server and not abusing glitches and other exploitations. If players have gotten items from anything other than effort then a moderator should remove them and warn the players not to cheat. Moderators should refer to the rules of the server a lot. If someone is doing the wrong thing then remind them of the rule they are not following and give them a warning. Do it gently and respectfully. Here are some more points:

  • Be active and help the coaches out with their roles of helping all players with their daily problems and needs. Support the coaches! 
  • Put misbehaving players in Naughty mode, or mute after giving chances for them to make a better choice. 
  • Reports/Tickets of rule violations shall be dealt with by you immediately and swiftly. We trust your decision, and your word is final unless an Admin says otherwise.
  • Be supportive of new players. Welcome them to the server.
  • Take any action necessary to promote the peace of the server.
  • Encourage players to use the /ticket system.
  • Inspect any location, build, chest, inventory, and furnace for any amount of time, with player consent, or just cause and proof of just cause.

Remember that, although you have a higher rank, it doesn’t mean that you are superior to the other players. Don’t show off your powers, threaten to ban people, play around with the mod/admin commands. Just think that you’re all the same, but you just have the ability to investigate things.

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